About Us

Are you picturing a man wearing glasses hunched over his laptop, punching numbers into one of those old fashioned calculators? That’s Vasant. Despite having started a thriving business in India, Vasant decided to leave his town 15 years ago for the world’s most liveable city, Melbourne. Since then, along with discovering Melbourne’s glorious culture of food & wine, he has acquired experience from an impressive range of industries from food to health and engineering. He has worked for humble small business owners to big city managers.

Having gained knowledge, experience and wisdom from all walks of business life, this number loving accountant is prepared to do the hard work for you. He is a Certified Zero advisor & a ‘Fellow’ member of Institute of Public Accountants (FIPA) & a Fellow member of Institute of Financial Accountants (FFA). You can trust Vasant Dhawale to give you reliable & accurate business advice to manage & grow your small business.

Advantages to work with Zion


Zion uses only the latest Softwares and programs to help organise and get your accounts and tax related queries in order. By using the most advanced and up to date programs, we can speed up our client’s cases and ensure there is no discrepancies from our side.

Easy Switching

If you have been with another accountant and want to switch to Zion, there is an easy and straightforward process which will ensure we can start helping you with your tax and account related issues sooner than later.

Dedicated Accountant

We have a dedicated and experienced accountant who is capable of handling all your financial queries and will only give you the best possible advice on how to move forward.

Fixed Fee Pricing

Zion Taxation offers high quality services for a fixed price. There are no hidden fees or extra charges. We are honest and up front about each and every one of services so you get exactly what you pay for.

Free Consultation

If you are curious about how we work and our services, we offer a free consultation to all new clients. In this first meeting, we get to know you and your financial goals so we can aid you better.

Data Security

Zion places customer satisfaction very highly and therefore takes care to ensure all your personal date and sensitive information is stored securely on our servers. We don’t share private details with third party organsiations unless authorised by our clients.

Being an active investor in the real estate market, Vasant has an in-depth knowledge in the property investment & has built his wealth using the negative gearing concept.

He also inherits the foreign property, and use his own practical expertise in declaring the foreign income and claiming the rental property deductions and thus, specialising in these fields.