Taxation Services

At Zion Taxation, we have extensive experience in handling tax related queries and preparing tax returns, to know that it can be a stressful experience. However, we are here to carry that burden for you. We can help you to minimise the amount you pay in taxes whilst simultaneously helping your businesses grow and reach greater heights.


We specialise in:

  • Income tax returns for businesses, partnerships and even trusts
  • Income tax returns for individuals and sole traders
  • IAS returns/ BAS returns
  • SMSF Tax returns
  • Fringe benefits tax returns

If you are after a qualified Tax Accountant, our team can help. We guide you to get the maximum out of your refunds, help with lodging your tax returns online, at work or even over the phone. While offering great business strategies to maximise your business potential, we also help with Bookkeeping. Zion Taxation Services has a team of dedicated accountants and other specialists whose advise has provided growth in their own investments.


When you come in for your Income Tax appointment, ensure you bring with you the following:

  • Your Tax File Number and photo ID
  • Bank statements for the refund
  • Payment slips and summaries
  • Details of partner’s income ( if applicable)
  • Bank statements showing the interest
  • Statements for investment properties ( if applicable)
  • Private health insurance statements
  • Tax return for the previous financial year.

When you come in for your Tax deduction appointment, ensure you bring with you the following:

  • Details on various insurance ( income protection/ sickness/accident)
  • Statements for investment property showing expenses
  • Bank statements for mortgage
  • Proof of charitable donations/ other voluntary contributions
  • Accountant fees for previous tax return
  • Education related expense.
  • Proof of expense of things like tools, uniform, equipment
  • Proof of expense for travel related to work.

Once you have all the necessary documents and paperwork ready, an experienced accountant will guide you through the steps of each process and ensure you know how it all works out.


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